As a company and individuals we regularly support a charity, the charity was set up by a wonderful young lady Jodi to help other children such as herself. The condition is called Congenital Melanocytic Naevus, CMN for short.

Our son was born with a rare condition called Congenital Melanocytic Neavus (CMN for short) only 1 in every 20,000 children born have this condition. It is so rare that the hospital he was born in had never seen it before and he has been photographed for the medical journal 2007 at Croydon University Hospital.

A lovely Registrar at Croydon told us she knew of someone at Great Ormond Street that may be able to help us to understand what was wrong with our son. She managed to get us an appointment with them and she discharged us after five days on the maternity ward into their care. We were in limbo until this day arrived and within 5 minutes we were at ease, the doctors we met Dr Atherton and Dr Kinsler were fantastic and the best in their field. Dr Atherton retired from the clinic we visit every 3-6 months and has since been featured on Channel 4 on the extraordinary people program they run with a boy who has the same condition as our son it was called TURTLE BOY. In fact the doctor that did our son’s plastic surgery is also featured as he is the best in his field.

As this is such a rare condition there is no government funding available to help support CMN cases and their families, also there is no funding for research of this condition. The support group caring matters now works hard daily trying to raise awareness and funding for all of these things and we as a family and a business try to do our best in helping them with their aims.

Our son Joshua started school at Smitham Primary in 2011, after visiting 12 schools in our borough and surrounding areas we managed to find one school that we felt could support him throughout his time with them. We were right they are fantastic and caring and our son’s confidence that has been affected by people’s reaction to his skin has come along brilliantly and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers are so caring that two of them have been in training through the toughest winter ever to complete a marathon each to raise funds for Caring Matters Now and to raise the profile of the condition within the school and surrounding areas.

Mr Squires ran in the Brighton Marathon and Mr Mein ran in the Milton Keynes Marathon to try to raise 500 or more. To encourage them and show them that it has all been worth it we have contacted friends, family and associates to help hit this target.

We hope you can help by making a donation, please go to in Anyone who is able to donate we would like to thank you all personally and we would like to list you on our charity page on our company website so please donate with your company or individual name and we can pick it up from the just giving page.