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Bring extra light into your Banstead premises by utilising roof space

Whether you are looking to add light to your kitchen extension, or want to fill your commercial premises with extra daylight, Ideal Glass can help. Commonly found in kitchen extensions, loft conversions and industrial or office units, skylights and roof units are a popular choice with those looking to renovate or build additional areas of their home or workspaces.
We supply and install tailor-made, frameless double glazed skylights to let the light stream in. Our friendly and experienced team will be able to offer you advice on the best option to suit your commercial or residential property in Banstead today.

What Is A Skylight?

The definition of a skylight is broad, and simply describes them as, ‘a window set in a roof or ceiling at the same angle’. Skylights can be used in both pitched and flat roofs and there are a variety of sizes and styles available, depending on your preference and budget. These could include:

Flat Roof Skylights

Flat roof skylights can be used in multiple ways, including, to add interest and height as well as to let in light and offer more ventilation. You can choose from flat roof lanterns and pyramids that will give you a fantastic view of the sky above. Or perhaps you would prefer a domed roof light, which allows the rainwater to easily slide off the unit. You could even opt for a walk-on skylight, which makes an amazing centrepiece in any home and can be installed externally on your flat roof or as a stunning internal feature.

Pitched roof skylights

These are the most common types of skylights, with Velux being the most popular. You can opt for centre-pivot roof skylights, which offer easy operation with a choice of manual, electrical or solar powered openings. A less common place, but equally as attractive are top hung roof windows, which do not enter the room when opening and work well in eye-level installations.

Whatever type of skylight you are looking for, Ideal Windows can find the best one to suit your home or business in Banstead. If you are considering a loft conversion, skylights are vital to ensure that your new space is well ventilated. With this in mind, all of our roof units are easy to open and are fully weatherproof.
Skylights and Roof Units For Your Commercial Premises

Skylights offer a practical yet eye-catching addition to any commercial premises. As well as improving lighting they can also help with ventilation, making them perfect for busy spaces.

We can install skylights and roof units into your existing roof, or work alongside your architect or project manager to plan the installation into new builds of new roofs. We will provide you with a full survey and advice on the best size and type to suit your premises, and will work alongside any other contractors or tradesmen involved in the refurbishment of your office space or new builds.

All of our roof units and skylights are weatherproof, come with a 5-year guarantee and are available in a range of sizes and finishes.

Bespoke Skylights in Banstead, Surrey

All of our roof units are made in our very own workshop and come fully guaranteed. We can offer vinyl borders which are a preferred finish to hide the opening, as well as sandblasted borders and other designs. All of our roof units and skylights are fully tried and tested by our team before they are installed in your home or business.

We work within regulatory guidelines and will only work within maximum size guidelines. Because of this, we will work alongside you or your contractors throughout the build to ensure that your new roof unit or skylights are not just a beautiful feature, but also a safe addition to your project that conforms with building regulations.

Call us today on 02087 638 222 to find out how we can add light to your new roof unit or skylight project.

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